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Holidays are over and the new month has begun. September is often associated with new challenges, because it is the beginning of the school year. This does not mean, however, that you have to deny yourself pleasure and tighten your belt. You can top up your account with extra cash for free or using the EXTRA discount!

The beginning of school is associated with a whole bunch of expenses, from which we often get out only in the next month. In the end, the path does not end with the complete package. Other fees remain, and it often turns out that you have to buy something. Does this mean that in all this spending madness we can’t afford any pleasure? Nothing could be more wrong! Just take advantage of our promotion and you will not be forced to limit your options!

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First loan at no cost - don

The first loan for free is an attractive offer, which is definitely worth using. It gives us the opportunity to take a loan completely free. The maximum loan amount that we offer to our clients is USD 3,000. It’s simple math – if you decide to borrow 2,000 dollars, for example, this is the amount you should pay back. Without any small prints or hidden stars.

Therefore, if you need extra cash and no longer want to postpone your plans for later, then the first free loan is a solution that can work great. Then, you will not only gain additional cash, but also its return will not result in the depletion of your account by the costs associated with a traditional loan.

Another loan with a special discount!

Another loan with a special discount!

If you already have your first free Online Payday Loan, we’ve also prepared a fantastic offer for you! You can take advantage of up to 35% discount on second or third loans.

This saves up to USD 330! It’s definitely worth keeping this amount in your wallet. Make the most of the approaching autumn, which will be full of new opportunities and don’t say no to your dreams!